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“Veritas Vos Liberabit”

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Everybody must have raised the questions “why the wars take place on earth all the time, and why this beautiful planet is filled with evil?” But in fact, the answer is so simple though it is a big question;

Human desires to seize the power and rule the others. By the way he will possess more. It’s just so simple.

But nobody has the right to rule or govern one another.

In that case the one being ruled is slave. This is the basic definition of slavery. And thus the ruler becomes a master (or in other words, becomes a lord).

Those who have the power exploit the weak. History has proven it many times. States over nations, corporations over workers, powerful over weak…

But nobody or no society must be depended on the other’s so-called sense of fair. Because any bodies’ government over other people is not fair.

This reality was the main motivation of the French Revolution happened in 1789. After the collapse of monarchy in French, now it was time to fall for the other kings in Europe. This process continued until the World War I. Kingdoms of the era fell one by one.

But what then replaced them? A brand new system of kingdom, hidden behind the name of “democracy”! And this time, the only difference was people have started to select their kings with their own hands, whom they had struggled to get rid of, for one century. So they began to assume themselves free. But on the contrary, slavery has become more chronic. Because now they were not even aware that they were slaves.

A state is a network of institutions which are supposed to serve the public. In an ideal order, administrators of the concerning institutions are only administrators of those institutions; not the administrators of public. Their job is serving people; it should not be ruling the people. Otherwise, no matter what you call that regime, the person who is the top administrator of all them is consequently a king, which means the great master in hierarchy of mastership. Thus the citizens are slaves…



Was the fact that no one has right to rule or govern one another, in other words rejection of kingships, which I tried to spot in the introduction, discussed only in the 18th century? Only once during the entire human history? Why doesn’t history books tell us about such intellectual movements?

As an author who has studied history of religions for many years, I eventually realized something stunning which has been concealed for centuries;

And it was that the group of men whom we know as the prophets -you believe them or not- were speaking out the very same thing.

And this information has reached to this day, within the books they left behind. They were saying “there cannot be any king but God”.

Jews and Christians are kindly familiar with the idea of God’s being a king, whereas the Muslims are generally surprised to hear this, although one of the names of Allah is “al Maleek” which means “The King”.[1] Just like a president… This expression might be more weird but Allah is mentioned in Quran as “Maalek al Mulk” which means the owner of the state.[2] The Arabic words “mulk” and “maleek” come from the same word root. “Mulk” means “state”, and “meleek” means “king” (who is the owner of the state). According to all divine books, the slaves belong to God, and their slavery to any other king is conclusively prohibited. This means freedom of people.

The Old Testament in the Bible also mentions the Kingdom of God, many times. And one of them is:

“In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.”[3]

Well the New Testament is almost all about the Kingdom of God. And it is referred to “a king who wanted to settle accounts with his slaves”[4] and correlated with the concept of slaves freed from their kings. Even Jesus Christ says “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because this is why I was sent” in the Gospel of Luke, verse 4:43.

In the other hand, Quran says that no one can be co-partner of Allah at his government and state/kingdom so many times. And it expresses that the opposite of this is something called “shirk” (an Arabic word which means “corporate partner”) and it is cursed. For example: the expression “He (God) shares not his rule with anyone” is repeated many times in Quran, in various ways.[5] It is also reported in Quran that even Solomon the king of Hebrews, asks Allah to forgive him because of being a king, and then Solomon says “please do not give this kingdom to anybody else after me”.[6] Solomon had to become a king after his father king David. And David had to become a king after king Saul (who is mentioned in Quran as “Talut”). The Old Testament gives us a lot of information about how the “period of judges” finished and how the “period of kings” started in the history of Hebrews. According to this, Hebrews went to prophet Samuel and asked him to pray God to give themselves a human king. And then they were abandoned by God.

The authorization to enslave people by kings and other hierarchically lower masters is cancelled by all divine books.

So, all the prophets delivered their message to the dictators in their own countries. They offered serving institutions instead of ruling kings. It was a very strong message so it was inevitable to stop the slaves to follow their path. The kings and slave owners could easily see this. So they attempted assassinations and killed some of the messengers of God. But their message remained to our time though, within the historical records by means of the slaves who followed them.



The book of Samuel I. in the Old Testament, tells an interesting story. This story is also being pointed out in the surah (chapter) Baqarah of Quran.

After Hebrews moved from Egypt and escaped from slavery of Pharaoh, they lived without a king for centuries. This time frame is called the “Period of Judges” in Jewish history. They had a state but in that system there were not kings but there were judges giving justice services. They even had a military structure.

Prophet Samuel was a judge. When he got too old, his sons were operating the justice foundation. But they were corrupted and accepting bribes. Hebrews came to Samuel and complaint about the corruptions that his sons were into, and the unjust judgments. Samuel was too old and the justice mechanism was not operating well. The checks and balances, in other words the inspection mechanism of the system was not working, so there were problems rising up. Instead of fixing the problem, they asked for a new system and a king.

It was not the first time they were asking for a system change. Prior to Samuel, they asked it to prophet Gideon who was also an army commander and saved his people from the enemies. They wanted Gideon to be their king.

When they offered kingship to him, his answer was so clear:

“I will not rule over you, nor will my son rule over you. The Lord will rule over you.”[7]

After many years, now they were standing before Samuel and asked him to pray to God for a king. Samuel got angry and upset because of their demand. He tried to explain them that they are in a big delusion and this is a horrible mistake. But Hebrews were decisive and persistent. Finally Samuel prayed to God. And God’s answer was:

“They have rejected me as their king.”[8]

And another word of God reported by Samuel is:

“You will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, but the Lord will not answer you in that day.”[9]

Finally God gives them what they want. The book of Samuel also writes:

“Samuel summoned the people of Israel to the Lord at Mizpah and said to them, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘I brought Israel up out of Egypt, and I delivered you from the power of Egypt and all the kingdoms that oppressed you.’ But you have now rejected your God, who saves you out of all your disasters and calamities. And you have said, ‘No, appoint a king over us.”[10]

Then God chooses a young man named Saul and tells this to Samuel. And Samuel brings Saul before the Hebrews. Except a few group of rich men who wanted to be the king, all other Hebrews happily welcome Saul.

Quran also tells about Saul but with another name; he is mentioned as “Talut”. The word “talut” means “tall man”.  The Bible also says he was a tall man. Quran writes about the story how he became a king, as follows:

“And their prophet said to them, ‘Indeed, Allah has sent to you Talut as a king.’ They said, ‘How can he have kingship over us while we are more worthy of kingship than him and he has not been given any measure of wealth?’ He said, ‘Indeed, Allah has chosen him over you and has increased him abundantly in knowledge and stature. And Allah gives His kingdom to whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.”[11]

In the rest of the story, Quran tells about Talut’s fight against Calud’s army.

Calut’s name in the Book of Samuel, is Goliath. Bible gives us more detailed information about this story. Goliath is the commander of the Philistines army. Philistines state wants to enslave Hebrews. While Saul fight against Philistines army, David was in Saul’s army too. In that war, David killed Goliath. After that he continued to work for the king Saul.

People of Israel loves and supports Saul in the first few years of his kingdom. But the Bible tells how he had a power poisoning and turned into a cruel dictator by the time.

David was considered as a hero by Hebrew people since his achievement in the battle against Goliath’s army. And he was also a very nice person. People loved him a lot. So everybody could see that he would be the next the king of Hebrews, as the successor of Saul.

So Saul started to consider him as a threat for his kingdom. He even attempted some assassinations to kill David. But each time, David escapes. Finally he goes to Philistines land with a group of fugitive soldiers and starts to live there.

In the end, Saul is killed during battle. Everybody wants David to be the new king but David does not even come back to Israel. Saul’s son Ishbosheth becomes the new king as his father’s successor. In the second year of the kingship of Ishbosheth, people from the house of Judah who are suppressed under the dictatorship, visit David and ask him to be their king.[12] Now David has two choices. He would reject their offer and leave the people of Israel to be smashed under Isbosheth’s dictatorship, or he would accept to be their king. So David accepts their offer. Then he goes to Hebron and gets anointed as the new king. [13]

In that time, the state of Hebrews were consisted of two parts. The House of Israel in Jerusalem in the North, and the House of Judah in Hebron in the South… Just after the House of Judah entered in David’s reign, Ishboshet who was still reigning in Jerusalem, started war on David and his supporters. Ishbosheth lost that war which was started for power because even his own men shifted to David side and recognized the new king’s reign.

And then years had passed. David was now an old king, lying on his death bed, waiting to die. At that time, his son Adonijah wanted to be the new king. According to the story written on the first page of the Book of 1st Kings in the Old Testament, Adonijah arranged a meeting and gathered the state officials and commanders together, and proclaimed himself as the new king. And they obeyed Adonijah. He did not call his brother Solomon to this meeting because Adonijah was planning to kill him, in order to guarantee the power. But while all these were happening, his father David was even still alive. When David learnt all these, he anointed Solomon as his successor and proclaimed him as the new king. Solomon herded the Hebrews because they wanted to be herded by shepherds.

By the way, Quran reports that Solomon asked for forgiveness because sitting on the God’s throne and he was asking God not to give kingdom to anybody else after him. Soon after Solomon died. Kingdom of Israel was divided into two again and Hebrews remained as slaves deprived of justice.

The story of how the Hebrew Kingdom started in the Old Testament, and which is also mentioned in Quran, points out that people’s asking to be a flock herded by a shepherd is so wrong. Because humans are not sheeps nor cattles.

There stands passion for power in the very base of all wars. And history shows us that peopled killed their brothers, kids and even the babies in cradles for power (government). Millions of innocent people massacred and tortured in the wars that those men started for the sake of more power. And slavery system continued for centuries. The only mechanism which is able to prevent all these problems is a social order based on justice. The justice is the base of the state!



The story of a little boy named Shaybah, which we receive via historical records, will help us to see a truth concealed for centuries.

Shaybah was an 8 year-old orphan boy living in the town of Yesrib in Arabic peninsula. His rich uncle Muttalib decided to adopt him and brought Shaybah to his home in Mecca. While Muttalib was walking on the streets of Mecca with his nephew, people asked him who this boy was. Muttalib somehow did not want to tell them that the boy was his nephew, and told them that “this is my slave”. In Arabic words “haatha abdi”. Since that day he was called “Abdulmuttatib” which means “the slave of Muttalib”. Even today, Muslims around the world recognize him as “Abdulmuttalib” the grandfather of prophet Mohammad.

The Arabic word “abd” means “slave”. The expression “haatha abdi” (this is my slave) is another way of saying “ene rabbihi” (I am his master/lord). The word “Rab” in Arabic is “master”.

By the time Shayba grew up and he had 11 sons. He devoted 3 of his sons to the 3 great idols called Lat, Menat and Uzza of ancient Mecca.

He named one of sons as Abduluzza which means “the slave of Uzza. Today, Muslims recognize him with his nickname “Abu Leheb”.

Shaybah named his another son as Abdulmenat which means “slave of Menat”. Today, Muslims recognize him with his nickname “Abu Talib”.

They were uncles of prophet Mohammad.

And Shaybah named his another son as Abdullat which means “slave of Lat”. He was father of Muhammad.

But after Muhammad’s prophethood, the names which had the prefix “abd” infront of the names were not given to the newborns, unless those names belonged to Allah. For example Abdullah which means “slave of Allah”, or Abdurrahman which means “slave of Rahman” (Rahman is one of the names of Allah), or Abdurrahim which means “slave of Rahim” (Rahim is another name of Allah), or Abdulmaleek which means “slave of Maleek” (Maleek -the king- is also Allah), and etc. An “abd” could only belong to God, not to anybody else.

The verb form of “abd” is “ibadeh” (slavery). But this is translated into English as “worshipping” or “pray”. But it is all about slavery in Arabic and in Quranic use.

And the owner of a slave is “rab” (master or lord) in Arabic.

According to Quran, the relationship between “abd” and “rab” can only be as man and God. “Ibadeh” in other words slavery, for anybody else than Allah, is strictly prohibited, and Allah is the only “Rab” (master) in Islam.

In the surah Fatiha (opening chapter) in Quran, it frankly describes the relationship of master and slave. According to this, Allah is “Rabbul alemin” which means “the master of the worlds” and the surah says “iyyake nabudu”which means “our slavery is only for you”[14], so it is evident that the slavery for anyone else from God, is prohibited.

By this reason, the slave owners attempted assassination to Muhammad and tried to kill him. But they could not achieve their goal.

In a dictator story mentioned in Quran, we can easily see how the dictator is defined as “rab”. That man was Pharaoh and he was telling his slaves that “ene rabbukumul ala” (“I am your top master”)[15].

According to Quran, if somebody is assumed as “rab” instead of God, that person is called “taghut” and very interesting expressions comes up in this term:

 “And we certainly sent into every nation a messenger, [saying], “be slaves/servants of Allah and avoid Taghut…”[16]

 “Have you not seen those who claim to have believed in what was revealed to you, and what was revealed before you? They want Taghut to rule themselves, while they were commanded to reject it…”[17]

“But those who have avoided Taghut, and refuse to be slaves of it, and turned back to Allah – for them are evangel. So give evangel to my servants.”[18]

In the New Testament, an interesting dialog between Jesus Christ and Jews is reported. Jesus tells them “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free[19] And they replied “we have never been slaves of anybody, how come you tell us we will be free?”[20]

They did not even know that they were slaves. Just like us!

The basic issue dealing in the four Gospels of the New Testament, is totally about an ideal state called “the Kingdom of God” or in other words “the Kingdom of Heaven”. But Christian clerics have commented this as a kingdom in heaven above where people can only go after death. So they managed to preserve their authority over believers. But apart from the kingdom in heaven, there is also another heaven frankly given in the Gospels which will be founded on earth too.

Societies which believe in the books that they haven’t read, are inevitably enslaved by clerics, even though these books are into freeing people.

Christians are enslaved by the Church. It is widely known how cruel the Church was, in the name of God, during the middle age. It was the Church’s most powerful days.

Prior to them Jews were enslaved by Sanhedrin. And Muslims were enslaved in Umayyad times. Just after the death of Mohammad, his so-called followers started to fight for the leadership. So the battles of Camel and Siffin, which is called “the First Fitna” erupted among Muslims. And then the battle of Karbala took place. They killed the grand children of Mohammad, to avoid them to be a risk for Umayyad Kingdom later on. This is also how the Shia-Sunni conflict first started. The seeds of today’s sectarian wars, planted like this into history. It was all for power.

The Arabic word “caliph” means “successor”. If there is a successor, there must be a predecessor too. So, have you ever thought about what the word “caliph” which is used as so-called Islamic leaders in political terms, means? This expression is the short form of “Caliphah Rasulullah” which means “successor of the messenger of Allah”. This is a long expression, so it is shortened as “caliph” (successor) to say it easier. Its original form is “Caliphah Rasulullah”. You can see that the kings in Muslim world like to call themselves “the successor of Muhammed”. By the way their rule would be sacred and no one could be opponent to their policy. All the kings require divine patterns to suppress their enslaved people.

In the other hand, we see that the divine texts offer us an ideal state with no rulers and no governments. Instead, this state (“the Kingdom of Heaven”), is operated by judges and ministers; distributing justice and public services. We also see a challenging prophecy in these books, that one day the Kingdom of God will definitely take place on earth as it is in Heaven. We can even read a lot of information about the structural features and economy of that state in divine books.



Sometimes, an historical short story is a good way to express a truth…

According to this story[21]; when prophet Abraham was a little boy, he asks his mother:

“Who is my Rab (master/lord)”?

His mother replies “I am your Rab”.

Abraham boy asks again: Who is your Rab?

His mother answers: “Your father”.

“So who is my fathers’ Rab?”

 “Nimrod”[22] says his mother.

And when Abraham asks “who is Nimrods’ Rab?”, his mother gets scared and says “hush!”

And then the woman tells her husband about what happened, and says: “Do you see that? The boy who is prophesied as to change people’s religion, is your son!

According to this story, the meaning of master or lord (rab) and the hierarchy of masters are clearly explained.

If somebody has authority of ruling one another, the person who holds the authority is called a “master” (or “lord” in other words). A slave is not authorized to reject fulfilling a command coming from his master. He is not allowed to say “no”.

Freedom is not only the right to do anything you wish in legitimate limits, without violating somebody else’s freedom, but it is also the right of not to do anything that you do not want to do.

In this term, government members of any state in our world, are the masters of their citizens. For example, if a state forces its citizens to serve in the military or work in any other kind of public service; we can easily say those citizens are slaves, referring to the above definition of freedom.

We can multiply the examples…

If states draw political borders on the map, surrounding the countries and if people who want to pass these borders are obligated to buy passports -which means if they have to ask their masters for permission to travel abroad- it makes them slaves.

State officials in any level of hierarchy of masters, give a passport if they think the citizen is “convenient”; if they don’t think it is “convenient” they don’t give. And there starts another process called visa, etc.

– Communist states obligates their citizens with working in forced labor (in Arabic word “ibadeh”) camps;

– Capitalist states take the slavery service from its citizens as tax instead;

– Feudatory tribal chiefs/masters who are the land owners force the slave members of the tribe to work in the fields.

In all cases, those who hold the power (government authority, capital, land or whatever is the production is based on, in the concerning economic model) are the masters. And those who are forced to supply them food, are the slaves.

In fact, we can say that anybody except kings, are slaves. Because even in the lordship hierarchy, every master at a lower level than the king, is slave for another master who is in an upper level.

Slaves are not allowed to reject their masters’ orders. In that case they would be unemployed.

So they would face:

– starvation,

– homelessness

– and unsafety.

These three problems are the main basis for slave makers, and they have to be kept alive all the time. Because otherwise the slaves would not obey.

And another factor forcing slaves to obey is artificially produced so-called debts. We are going examine its basics in the following chapters.

The idea of Kingdom of Heaven, which the Old Testament, the New Testament and Quran altogether telling about how it will operate, has a potential to spread so fast in the information age. Because humans naturally do not like being slaves, and the idea of an alternative system offering freedom for all the mankind is remarkable. In today’s world where it is inevitable to stop true and striking information to spread all around, and where the number of slaves is tremendously higher than the number of masters. So peoples will face big changes in the future.

What makes someone a master is his ruling authorization over other people. But nobody has such a right. Freedom is a birthright for everyone. Everybody can decide what to do and what not to do, in free will, unless he violates somebody else’s rights. Other people can only advice or preach someone about what to do. They cannot force that person to do anything and cannot stop him doing anything unless he violates any other’s rights.

So far, we have discussed that nobody has the right to rule anybody else and we have mentioned a justice based free social order is described in divine texts. This system is defined as the “Kingdom of God” / “Kingdom Heaven” in the Bible. And Quran also defines it as “Mulk’us Semavat” which literally means the “Kingdom of Heavens”. Quran even tells us a time period which is called “yawm’ud din” (the day of loan) when this system will take place on earth. And this term is also mentioned many times. In most Quran translations, the term is considered as same as “yawm’al Qiyamah” (the day of resurrection) but it is not. “Qiyameh” is totally another concept which is also mentioned many times in Quran. And the literal translation of “qiyameh” is “standing up” and “revolt”. But when you examine the Quranic verses, it is evident that “yawm’ud din” is the period of the “Kingdom of Heavens” which is described in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. We will examine its Biblical references in detail in the following chapters. In this context, Surah Al Fahita (the opening chapter) is a brief summary of entire Quran.

According to this chapter:

– God is the only “Rab” (master/lord);

– People should not be slaves of anybody else;

– God is the owner (maleek) of the “day of loan”;

– People’s goal should be directed to its route;

– If people reach that day, they are in wealth;

– If people cannot reach it, they are in rage and ignorance/unawareness.

In other words, they are the slaves who don’t know the truth.

Being voluntary slave of any master another than God, is defined as “shirk” by Islam. “Shirk” is “corporate partner” in Arabic as mentioned before. Quran uses this word while saying that God does not have any partner at his government and kingdom. I previously mentioned that if anybody else is obeyed by people, as if he is God’s co-partner, than this person is called “Taghut”. The word taghut is originated from the verb “tughian” which means “excess of power”. And slavery for taghut is cursed many times in Quran.

Ignorance drifts people into slavery. Ironically, one of the best ways to enslave people has always been usage of religion.

When religion is in question, most people deactivate their minds and get blinded to divine facts. Since the ruling elite can well analyze this mindset of peoples, they always create and use so-called “holy” concepts for the propaganda of dictators.

But when a concept or a person or something is assumed as “holy”, it becomes an idol. Idols are the walls between people and the truth. Accepting the truth, requires abandoning all the devotions which is sometimes a dogma, a doctrine or an ideology. But even the discipline called religion is only a tool. A tool that is supposed to make human to find the truth. But when the tools are taken as if they are the purposes, they turn into the idols. And they enslave people’s mind. Such mind that is rusted with dogma and it cannot dare to pass the borders which are drawn around itself. It cannot even think in analytical way. The greatest slavery takes place in minds. If a person wants be free, he needs to break the chains of slavery in his mind first.

For thousands of years, “shirk” or in other words “polytheism” misdefined by the clerics. It is absolutely not something to do with worshipping other gods. It is all about not being voluntary slaves/servants of anyone other than God.

Because the clerics knew that if the masses understand what the monotheism is, they knew their slaves would stand up and revolt against their governments.

During history, the prophets preached against monotheism. None of them tried to make people believe in God. They had not been in a meaningless and useless debate on the existence of God. There is not any example of such a debate in any of the divine books. Their people already believed the existence of God. What all the prophets tried to do was destroying the slavery system which was called “polytheism”. And the gods of the slaves were their dictators.



I do believe that one day, the world will be free from kings, presidents and governments; instead, there will be state institutions giving justice and public services.

This idea which is planted in the depths of history, with the motto of “the Kingdom of God” will surely turn from theory into practice.

“Jesus told them another parable: ‘The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree…’[23]

The Kingdom concept in the above quote from the New Testament, is described with two names. It is called both “the Kingdom of God” and “the Kingdom of Heaven” with the same meaning in the Gospels.

The Christian prayer “Thy kingdom come! Thy shall be done on earth as it is in heaven.” shows that Christian belief, just like other beliefs, is designed to constitute the ideal order on earth. Even Gospel writes that Jesus said “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.”[24]


We will soon look at some very interesting examples from divine books about the Kingdom of God. But first, lets see how this idea was planted, not only in these texts but also in even Pagan cultures with some examples…

In Roman mythology, Saturn was a “god” reigned in the “Golden Age”. The Golden Age is defined as a period when the State of Innocence is founded and there is no forced labor. During Roman times (I. A.D. – IV. B.C.), the birthday of “God Saturn” was celebrated as Saturnalia festival on 17th December. On that day, people were giving sacrifice to the Saturn Temple in Rome and masters were having meals together with their slaves. The slaves were not forced to work on that day. Even the meal service was done by their masters, while they were eating together.[25] It was a ritual.

Their religion banned slavery but they were a society using slaves though. Nevertheless, they symbolically abolished slavery on Saturnalia day, based on this ancient knowledge. It was the day of freedom for slaves. It was an imitation of the Golden Age.


The equivalent of the Golden Age in Indian mythology was Satya Yuga. The meaning of this name is “the Age of Truth”. There are no kings, no governments and no slavery in Satya Yuga. The kingdom/state belongs to heavens. According to Indian epic story of Mahabharata, there is no discrimination between rich and poor in this golden age, and nobody is forced to labor.”[26]

According to Indian scriptures[27] Golden Age is represented with a bull standing on its four legs. As the forces of the state corrupts, one of the legs removes up. According to ancient Indians, the world is in the last age which is called “Kali Yuga” (the Age of Immorality) and it is represented by a bull standing on its one leg. Apparently, the legs of the bull representing the power were symbolic version of the four basic powers in physics, four elements in the nature, or maybe even the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Might this symbolism be an attribution to the separation of four powers of an ideal state (legislation, execution, jurisdiction, media[28])? When the basic powers of a state centralize instead of being separate, there becomes a dictatorship. Centralization of powers always ends up with corruption, despotism and eventually slavery in a country. If someone holds all the powers in his hand, then he is a dictator. He becomes the high master, and citizens become slaves.


It is obvious that all the societies preserved the same idea in the heart of their own religions, rejecting man’s rule over another man, and shifting slavery to freedom. And they unconsciously transformed this idea into a tabu in the name of religion, and did not dare to question what the truth is. In order to be free, one must free his mind first. The strongest chains exist in minds. If a person justifies the ideas and incidents only after questioning them, then there becomes awareness. Otherwise dogmas enslave person’s mind.

“Herecy (Kufr)[29]” is mentioned in Quran as a characteristic of “mushriks” (those who appoint co-partners to God). Heretics (Kafirs) are not unbelievers as most people assume, vice versa, they are religious fanatics according to the chapter Kafirun in Quran. It writes that “say ‘you kafirs, I won’t be slave of your masters… Your religion is for you and mine is for me.”

Kafirs are religious fanatics and they obey masters other than God though.

The concept of “mulk” (kingdom/state) is mentioned in Quran many times. And “melik” is the king or the president of the state. These following verses of Quran clearly point out to the Kingdom of God:

“…That is Allah, your master; to Him belongs the kingdom. There is no deity except Him, so how are you averted?” (Surah Zumar, 6)

“…to Him belongs the kingdom. And those whom you invoke other than Him cannot be a king over the membrane of a date seed.” (Surah Fatir, 13)

“He to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth[30] and who has not taken a son and has not had a partner in kingdom …” (Surah Furqan, 2)

“Kingdom that Day is for Allah; He will judge between them…” (Surah Haj, 56)

“And say, ‘Praise to Allah, who has not taken a son and has no partner in [His] kingdom…” (Surah Isra, 111)

“Say, ‘O Allah, Owner of the kingdom, You give kingdom to whom You will and You take kingdom away from whom You will…” (Surah Al-i İmran, 26)

“…His word is the truth. And the kingdom belongs to him [on] the day the Horn is blown.” (Surah Enam, 73)

“The day when they (messengers) will fully appear; nothing of theirs shall be hidden from Allah. Whose is the Kingdom today? Of one Allah, irresistible.” (Surah Mu’min, 16)

“To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth…” (Surah Shuraa, 49)

“He is Allah, other than whom there is no deity, the king, the pure, the perfection, the bestower of faith, the overseer, the exalted in might, the compeller, the superior. Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him.” (Surah Hashr, 23)

“Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth is exalting Allah the king…” (Surah Jumu’a, 1)

“Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth is exalting Allah. To Him belongs the kingdom…” (Surah Teghabun, 1)

“And when you look there [in Heaven], you will see pleasure and great kingdom.” (Surah Insan, 20)

Quran mentions both the state in heaven and the state to be constituted on earth, as “mulk” (kingdom). When it mentions the one in heaven, it writes “the kingdom of heavens”. There is no “shirk” (co-partnes of God) in there. The “shirk” is on earth and the whole Quran asks people to change this.

The heaven-like kingdom to be constituted on earth is wanted to be a branch of the Kingdom of Heavens. There can be no one sitting on the throne of God the king. We had examined the kingships of Saul, David and Solomon in this context. We discussed how and why they became kings. Hebrews betrayed the Kingdom of God and asked human kings for themselves, thus they become sinners.

“And their prophet said to them, “indeed, Allah has sent to you Saul as a king.” They said, “how can he have kingship over us while we are more worthy of kingship than him and he has not been given any measure of wealth?” He said, “indeed, Allah has chosen him over you and has increased him abundantly in knowledge and stature. And Allah gives His kingship to whom He wills…” (Surah Baqarah Suresi, 247)

“And we strengthened his (David’s) kingdom…” (Surah Sad, 20)

“He said, ‘my Lord, forgive me and grant me a kingdom such as will not belong to anyone after me…” (Surah Sad, 35)


We previously mentioned that the 1. Samuel and 1. Kings chapters of the Old Testament telling that only God should be the king. But also Jeremiah chapter 46:15, 46:18 and 51:57 in the Old Testament, mention God as the king.

Exodus chapter of Torah in the Old Testament 19:6, mentions the Kingdom of God as a “kingdom of priests” and this was the “period of judges” which we previously mentioned. Because the judges were also priests at the same time. It was before the “period of kings”.

In the same chapter of Torah, God calls the “kingdom of priests” as “my kingdom”:

“…you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation…”

And Exodus 15:18 says that “the Lord shall reign for ever and ever”


Psalms chapter of the Old Testament, 47:7-8 mentions the Kingdom of God as:
“For God is the King of all the earth… God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.”

Psalms 145:11-12 says:
“They (your faithful people) tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations.”

Book of Daniel 2:44 in the Old Testament, there is a promise that the Kingdom of God will surely be constituted on earth one day:

In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.” (Daniel, 2:44)

Again in the book of Daniel 7:18, says that kingdom will last forever:
“But the saints of the Highest One will receive the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever, for all ages to come.”

Isaiah 32:1 in the Old Testament says “See, a king will reign in righteousness and rulers will rule with justice” and adds in 33:22 that “the Lord is our king; he will save us”.


And in the other hand, the New Testament mentions the Kingdom of God so many times and promises that it will be set up on earth as it is in Heaven. It is sometimes “the Kingdom of Heaven” as Matthew names it or sometimes “the Kingdom of God” as Luke names it. They are both the same. The expressions about this kingdom in the Gospels are all done with parables. For example:

“He told them still another parable: ‘The kingdom of heaven is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour, till it was all leavened.’ Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in parables; he did not say anything to them without using a parable.”(Gospel of Matthew: 13:33-34)

We previously saw that the Kingdom of God was compared a “mustard seed” that grows and becomes a tree which is bigger than all other trees in the garden. Now we see it as flour becoming dough getting bigger. But the below example is much more remarkable:

“Jesus spoke to them again in parables, saying: The kingdom of heaven is like a king[31] who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. He sent his slaves to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused to come. Then he sent some more slaves and said, ‘Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet.’ But they paid no attention and went off—one to his field, another to his business. The rest seized his slaves, mistreated them and killed them. The king was enraged. He sent his army and destroyed those murderers and burned their city. Then he said to his slaves, ‘The wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come. So go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.’ So the slaves went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, the bad as well as the good, and the wedding hall was filled with guests.” (Matthew, 22:1-10)

“Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world!” (Matthew, 25:34)

“Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God…

A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path; it was trampled on, and the birds ate it up. Some fell on rocky ground, and when it came up, the plants withered because they had no moisture. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up with it and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up and yielded a crop, a hundred times more than was sown.” (Gospel of Luke, 8:1, 8:5-8)[32]

“Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, ‘How hard it is for the rich[33] to enter the kingdom of God!” (Gospel of Mark, 10:23)

“Jesus also said, ‘This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how. All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head. As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come.” (Mark, 4:26-29)

This “growing grain” parable of the Gospel is interesting. Because Quran uses a similar expression while it says that the characteristics of faithful people mentioned in the Gospel are: “…their description in the Gospel is as a plant which produces its offshoots and strengthens them so they grow firm and stand upon their stalks, delighting the sower” (Quran, Surah Fath, 29)

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew, 6:10)


Quran also promises that the Kingdom of God will be set up on earth too. That day is called the “yawm’ud din (day of debt or loan)”. The word “yawm” in Arabic means “day, era or period” and “din” means “debt”. This noun phrase sounds weird and it could not been understood by the classical Muslim scholars. So it is generally translated it as “the day of recompense”.

“And what can make you know what is the Day of Recompense? Then, what can make you know what is the Day of Recompense? It is the Day when no self will be maleek[34] (king) for another self; and the command that Day, is with Allah.”[35] (Surah Infitar, 17-19)

“He (Allah) is the king of the Day of Recompense.” (Surah Fatiha, 4)

“And those within whose wealth is a known right for the petitioner and the deprived. And those who confirm the Day of Recompense.” (Surah Maarij, 24-26)

“So high is Allah, the King, the Truth.” (Surah Ta-ha, 114)

“Say: ‘I seek refuge in the master of mankind, the king of mankind…” (Surah Nas, 1-3)

 “In the seat of honor near the King the most powerful.” (Surah Qamar, 55)

“And verily we have written in the Psalms, after the Reminder (Torah) that ‘My righteous slaves will inherit the earth.” (Surah Anbiya, 105)


So far, we have examined some instances of expression in the divine books, about the Kingdom of God or in other words the State of God/Heaven. Some of the commentaries in this book about them may be inaccurate or deficient, I don’t know. But no doubt that the conclusion comes out of all these texts which are remained to our day from thousands of years ago, is they were all written about the same exact idea: “There should be the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in Heaven.”

And they write that there should not be kings, masters or slaves in this state of freedom. The Bible[36] calls the kings as “shepherds” many times. And the peoples they herd are “flocks”. This means the humans who are being ruled by kings or presidents are like livestock.

In this context, there is an interesting expression in Quran: “Do not say ‘raina (herd us)’, but say ‘unthurna (watch us)”[37] The word “reayah” in Arabic which means “cattles, sheeps and any herded farm animals” comes from the verb “rai” (to herd) which is used in the above Quranic verse. According to this, if you want to be herded (rai), then you are herds (reayah). The word “reayah” even in my own language Turkish, also means “people under the rule of a king”.

Yes, the verse explains that it is no good to ask for being herded. And then advices to say “unthurna (watch us)”. The verb here is “nathar” which means in Arabic “to look, to look after, to watch, to minister”. The word “nathaarah” which means ministry comes from “nathar”. Even “nather” or “vather” means minister of state. They all come from this verb in the above mentioned Quranic verse. It is evident that Quran clearly points out to the “execution power” (ministry) of the state.

Even in English, the word “minister” means the person whose duty is “to attend”, “to take care”, “to serve”. It comes from the Latin word “ministre”. It is the same in European languages. In Medieval times, the assistants of priests were called “ministre”. Their duty was supplying religious services. And in the Protestant Church, the “ministre” was the priest himself. This word “ministre” representing the “execution power” in modern science of politics, is evolved in the Western Civilization in a similar way.

Why does a human want to be ruled instead of being free as an honorable person! As we previously discussed; the reason of existence of a state, in both moral and philosophical terms, is not governing or ruling people but it is serving them. So in the basis of the divine books rejecting the idea of governments, rulers and kings, there lies a universal mechanism of ethical values.

But what kind of a system could be alternative to our present global slavery system? Before discussing this alternative, let’s see first how the system enslaves all of us on the planet and realize that we are slaves who are not even aware of it…



One of the greatest achievements of Modernism is that it makes the chains of slaves invisible and get them believe that they are free…

Millions of species live on earth and only human is the one who is not able to survive without producing goods. Even a hunter-forager society living in the most primitive way, has to produce spear or other tools to hunt and make clothes to protect from cold, and so on. So there is economy in every place where human lives. The political ideologies get shaped around the economy models. For example; in Capitalism, production is organized based on capital (fund). In this example, those who manage the capital (bankers) are the masters; and the others are the slaves.

Or in Communism, production is based on the community. In this example, those who manage the community (bureaucratic elite) organizing them laboring, are the masters and the rest are the slaves. The community has to work in the factories or in labor camps. They even lose their right to have private property.[38]

In Feudalism, production is based on the land and stockbreeding. In this example, those who own the land (feudal lords) are the masters and the villagers who have to labor in their fields are the slaves.

These examples can be multiplied but the common ground in all of them is the centralization of power. The more power gets monopolized, the more oppressively slavery system operates.

The most prominent version of oppressive power is the excessive form of state authorization. The more authorization your king holds in his hand, the poorer slaves you become.

Kings take slavery service from peoples, generally as tax. The money you pay to your masters represents your time and energy. Because you have already spent them to make that money. Paying tax makes you slave of your state.

The question “how come would a state operate without taxes” suddenly rises, but we will see it later on in this book. For now, let’s just keep it in mind that there are examples of tax-free states in the world today and they are some of the richest countries in the world.

The heaviest form of slavery in the recorded history, takes place today. Moreover, people are not even aware that they are slaves. The current global monetary system enslaves societies in favor of both banks and governments. Even someone who does not have a bank account is enslaved by the bankers.

Did you just say “how”?

Invisible Chains:

In fact, “money” which is in the center of all our lives is not money. We just believe so. Money has not being used in the world since 1971.[39] We use something called “fiat currency” instead, pieces of papers with no intrinsic value. The money is gold and silver and it had been so during history. For thousands of years!

Let’s say you give your coat to a dry cleaner. And he gives you a piece of paper as delivery receipt. You will give it to him the next day and take your coat back. In fact that paper has no value unless it is backed by your coat. The valuable thing is the coat. And “paper money” is like this. It has to be backed by gold and silver. And it was like this in the past. But now the monetary system in the world is totally different.

The Latin word “fiat” means “let it be done”. Some people say “let it be money” and then the so called money is created. Then it is given to business man, to workers, to house buyers, etc. as debt. So they suddenly become slaves and work for the money creators, in order to pay back that imaginary stuff. This system is totally based on illusion. In fact, there is no money there. In this monetary system which is depended on its masters’ will, these pieces of paper are suitable to be manipulated, and the manipulation is literally what is being done. The value of the so called money melts down time by time. So the peoples lose their purchasing power in each money creation. But you never hear the news about this regular creation on tv or anywhere else, although it is so important for public. You lose your savings and get poorer even without noticing, each time they create extra “money”.

Actually, money is a great invention. It makes life easier. You can store your savings within money. For example, you produce 100 liters of milk. You cannot carry that milk in your pocket. Or you cannot keep it for one year, to use it. But you exchange it with money, then you can carry and keep it as long as you want.

Money is not only good for storing your savings but it also allows you to store your energy and time which you already spent to earn it. This means money is a tool that allows you to carry your freedom in your pocket. If they take it from you by force (as tax) or with systemic delusions (inflation, floating exchange rates, interest rates, etc.), they steal your freedom. By the way, governments and the global financial elite become your masters and you become their slaves. You work all the time but you cannot accumulate money as much as you really deserve. What you earn is only enough to survive. Maybe you do not even have a house. All you earn, all your freedom leak away through invisible cracks. But you do not even know that you are a slave of the system.

That system continually promises you hope to keep you sleeping. It offers you easy amusements to stall you off. It is such a system that not only transforming every free born human into a slave for both visible and invisible masters; but it also make people become voluntary defenders working to keep the system alive. It makes beautiful look ugly, and makes evil look good. It motivates people to stone those who ignore dogmas, brain narcotizing ideologies and beliefs. Even if its brain washed slaves are about starve to death, they applaud for their dictators who live super luxury lives with what they steal from themselves. The voluntary slaves are jealous and hateful for the free minds that reject to obey. They want them to remain slaves just like themselves. Since the makers of the system know these psychological mechanisms very well, they like to use them.

In order to develop an alternative to the global slavery system, it is needed to recognize the present system and how it actually works. So let’s recognize…


The total amount of the annual goods and services production in the world is 60 trillion dollars. Whereas the papers sold in global stock markets annually are 1.2 quadrillion dollars.[40] 20 times more than the real production! So where does the 800 trillion dollar gap -this is a bubble to pop- come from and controlled by who?

Even this example alone, is a clear indicator that something is horribly wrong in the global financial system.

Fiat money is the only constant tie between states and peoples. Because those pieces of papers or digits in bank accounts, officially belong to the states indirectly. And you always have to use them. So the fiat money is like an invisible rope tying people to their states. It is not like gold and silver. Because precious metals have intrinsic value, independent from states. They are acceptable anywhere in the world without requiring an official legitimization. So a monetary system other than gold/silver standard, is a kind of centralization of power which is no good. So, if money is a rope in the hands of states, that tying their people; we can say that peoples are the puppets and the states are the puppeteers.

What is money and how does a financial system work?


Before the invention of money, there was barter. But it was a difficult method for trading. Because both parties should have demanded the product of the other party.

Let’s say:

Person A has a sheep and he wants to exchange it with a donkey.

Person B has grain and he wants to exchange it with a sheep.

Person C has a donkey and he wants to exchange it with grain.

In this case, any two of them cannot exchange their goods. Because one demands the other person’s good, but that other person does not demand his customer’s good. Only in the case that three of these people accidentally gather all together, and three of them makes a deal, then the goods can be exchanged.

Also the value of goods to be exchanged was not equal all the time and they were not able to give change to their customers.

So ancient people used pieces of gold and silver for trade in different periods of history. Because they had intrinsic value as precious metals since they were used as jewels. They played role as a mediatory unit. But gold and silver were not still money. Because they did not have standard weight. According to the recorded history, Lydians invented money in 7th century BC. They melted gold and silver together and molded them in a standard size and weight. Now gold and silver turned into money. And it helped the trade to grow faster.

This was how the monetary system started. It lasted for thousands of years. Money helped a lot to the societies on trade, development and getting civilized.

After centuries, in 1913, “FED” the central bank in the US, was founded and the seeds of the monetary system called “fiat” which the whole world uses today was planted. Prior to that, there was not a central bank in the US.

There was not even income tax in the US until that time. Simultaneously with FED, income tax law was issued. So the secret and indirect partnership between banks and governments over slaves was set up.

Before the establishment of FED, the US dollars used to represent gold and silver. It means that the dollars were gold and silver cheques. But after the establishment of FED, the ratio between the printed dollars and the gold in the treasury was reduced to 40% instead of 100%. This means if there were 100 units of gold in the treasury, then they could print dollars as if there were 160 units of gold.

In the later stages, this ratio would fall to zero and FED would be able to print unlimited amount of so called money. By this way, rising inflation could transfer the melted purchasing power of people to the creators of the system, in a magical way.

In 1944, one of the most important events of slavery history took place in New Hampshire in the US. Representatives of 44 ally countries of the World War II gathered in a conference and signed a paper called the Bretten Woods Agreement. According to it, the common foreign currency reserve unit for all these countries would be US dollars. And the exchange rate of dollar would be fixed as “1 ounce of gold is equal to 35 dollars”. So the US started to export dollars to the world countries in an indirect way. The world countries started to stock their foreign currencies in US dollars, in their treasuries. A currency backed by 40% of gold and 60% of the US willpower.

In 1971, the tie between dollars and gold was completely abolished during the rule of US president Richard Nixon. Now the US dollars were pieces of paper back by 100% of US willpower. So the Bretten Woods Agreement was abolished but the system was continued in practice, though. Even today almost all countries in the world keep their foreign currency reserves in US dollars. And also all the countries print fiat money just like the US. Their economy gets troubled each time they print new money, and give it to their people as debt via banks. Then the inflation comes up and the savings of peoples melt down. 

For example: If there are 20 dollars in circulation in an economy; and if the total assets of that economy is 10 kilos of grain; then 1 kilo of grain will cost 2 dollars. If you print 20 dollars more and put them in circulation, although the grain production does not rise, than 1 kilo of grain will now cost 4 dollars. Although there are 20+20=40 dollars in that economy, it is not grown; the value of that economy is still 10 kilos of grain. Someone who has 2 dollars loses the half of his purchasing power; now he can buy only half kilo of grain instead of 1 kilo.

The global financial crisis of 2008 was an example showing the world that all the kings are naked. Just like in the story of “the emperor’s new clothes”. According to that story:

“Once upon a time, there was an emperor who was only interested in good clothes. He was so in love with it that he did not care much for anything else. One day a few conmen appeared and told him that they were excellent weavers and that they could make the most beautiful fabric in the world. It didn’t take long to get the Emperor’s attention. They told him they made fabrics of wonderful samples and colors with a specific feature. They were invisible to anyone who was stupid or incapable of doing his job.

The conmen ordered some of the finest materials and secretly they sold them to get the money. To fool the Emperor and his servants they started to weave but there was nothing. The Emperor sent him most loyal servants to check up on them. When they saw that they can’t see the alleged fabric, they were scared that they’ll get fired for being stupid or incompetent to do their jobs. That is the reason why they lied that they saw magical fabrics.

In the end, the Emperor decided together with many helpers to see the fabrics and see how the weavers work was going. Everyone who accompanied him was afraid to come off as a stupid person so they admired the fabric that wasn’t there and advised the Emperor to put that nothing on himself. The conmen showed him the cape, pants, and the coat but they were actually empty handed.

The Emperor took all the clothes off of himself and the conmen dressed him in the invisible clothes. The Emperor started a procession where his servants walked behind him with their hands raised to hold the cape. Everyone admired him and his new clothes until one boy yelled that ‘the Emperor had no clothes on!”

* * *

The credits that FED recklessly released in the US -most of them were mortgage credits- were being sold in stock markets all around the world as receivable papers. This is unbelievable but true. Debts were being sold. They were in circulation among the broker companies each time adding profit margin on them. The so called value of these papers representing the receivables of imaginary money, eventually increased multiple times and turned into a huge bubble. When people realized that these debts were not actually receivable, it was too late. Then the bubble popped. Then they created more and more so called money to fix the problem. In the following four years, the US printed five times more amount of money (4 trillion dollars) than the amount it had printed during the whole US history (800 billion dollars). But in fact it didn’t fix anything; all they did was creating another bubble which is much bigger than the previous one. And they are still creating money out of nothing. Also the other big economies are doing the same thing.

Nothing in the universe becomes absent when it exists, or vice versa either; things transform, they change their state. The same mentality can be applied to the economies too. When you lose your money/freedom because of economic crisis and inflation, it goes to some other people. When you were able to buy 1 kilo of grain with your 2 dollars in that 10 kilos grain economy in the first place, then you get able to buy half kilo, and then 100 grams, and finally only 1 gram. This is what’s happening in the monetary system in the world today.

The operations of central banks, effect every person’s life on earth today. So we should understand these structures, to see what is actually happening.

Central banks are generally private corporations, which are not even belonged to the states, just like FED. The governments give bonds (debentures) to central banks. A bond is debt pledge of a government. In response to this, the central bank prints money with the amount of bonds, and release that money into circulation. The way they do it is giving that money as credit (debt) with an interest rate, to people. When this so called money is taken by people as debt, it saves a real value. Because now there are slaves working and producing real value for the bank and the government. The state and the bank pretend as if they have real money in their hand. They feed with the energy of slaves laboring for them. What they simply do is just trickily organizing slaves to labor.

The centralized control of money is centralization of power. But gold and silver which are real money in all around the world, are independent from central banks. Because they have intrinsic value.

Fiat monetary system is the invisible chains on the necks of slaves. They don’t see the chains tying them, so they think they are free. The longer your chains are, the further you can go. In other words the more money you have, the more free you become.

We have discussed the mechanism of the global shadow kingdom which turned into a great monster in the last century, as it had never managed to be so big and wild previously in history. The slavery system has been continuing for thousands of years but it is now the greatest of all times. Its huge size is also its weakest point. Its greed made it so inflated and it’s about to pop. Now the next thing is just masses to see that all the kings are naked.

The above mentioned finance bubble will pop in the near future, maybe in a few years. And the world will have to confront the greatest economic collapse ever. All the economies which experimented fiat monetary system in history, eventually collapsed with having a hyper-inflation. Yuan Dynasty in China in XI. Century; England in XII. Century; France in XVIII. Century, etc… They all experimented fiat system and shared the same destiny in the end.

Now the present system is about to expire and running towards a hyper-inflation which is the dead end. No government and no bank can create money out thin air forever. Because when the purchasing power of people, falls under the level of starvation, the system inevitably collapse with causing chaos.

The next collapse will probably happen in two stages. A global bond crisis will take place and the state will have to print much more money. Then people will think that everything is getting alright, but shortly after the dead end will suddenly appear with hyper-inflation.

The previous fiat experiments were all on local scale. But this time it will be on global scale, since dollar is a common foreign currency reserve unit around the world, and the gears of the system are connected globally. Also the bubble is inflated in a crazy way. When it pops, the whole world will be in a great depression. Worldly renown economists like Mike Maloney, Jim Rickards and many more also write about the same inevitable scenario in their books with mentioning numbers, formulas and how destructive it will be. When the present system collapses, a new economy model will probably be imposed. And this will most probably be something called “informationism” which means that the production will be based on information instead of capital. Those who control the information technologies will organize the production in the age of information.

The slaves of world will have a chance for freedom when the day of collapse arrives and wakes people from their deep sleep unpleasantly. If they cannot use this chance, the masters this time, will be those who possess information. And the others will most probably be slaves who are implanted with micro-chips…



We discussed that the most effective way of creating slaves is putting them into dept. Banks use interest rates, and states use taxes to keep the debts permanent. Interest rate is believed to be prohibited by Jews, Christians and Muslims. The word “riba” in Quran, which is translated as “interest rate” is actually a term meaning all kinds of unfair debits. During the times in history when fiat money was not in circulation, people were being enslaved with loans on interest.

In Jesus’ time in Jerusalem, the clerics had benches in front of the Solomon Temple, and they were lending people loans on interest and enslaving them. According to a story mentioned in the Bible[41], when Jesus entered in Jerusalem, his first job was going to the temple to kick those brokers out and breaking their benches where they make money out of interest, or in other words out of thin air. So these Jewish clerics started to search for ways to kill Jesus. Just like the tribe of Quraysh tried to kill Muhammad who put a spoke in their wheel of slavery, with forbidding interest.

The word “bench” has the same meaning with “bank”. In Greek language, the word “trapeza” means both “bank” and “bench”. Even in my first language Turkish, “bank” is called “banka” and “bench” is called “banko”. When Jesus was breaking the benches or the banks of these brokers, he was doing it against injustice of slavery system.

Interest is a gear of slavery wheel. This concept which we see in Quran with the expression of “riba” also comprises interest, the derivatives in stock markets, bonds and other kinds of papers that transfer the wealth/freedom of people to financial manipulators. Because its meaning is money unjustly created out of thin air.

Deep Sleep: Dystopia

Human nature is greedy and keen on ruling others. Even in the story of man’s being thrown away from heaven, written in Quran, it is mentioned that Satan offers a kingship to Adam:

“Then Satan whispered to him; he said, ‘O Adam, shall I direct you to the tree of eternity and a kingdom that will not deteriorate?” (Surah Ta-Ha, 120)

We saw that the word “mulk” in Quran means “state” or “kingdom”. And also usage of the word “tree” (shajarah) here is interesting because “tree” symbolizes “state” in many cultures, even in my country Turkey. Remember that Jesus uses the “tree” metaphor in the Gospels many times when he talks about the Kingdom of God.

And another verse in Quran supporting this claim is:

“Satan said, ‘Your Lord did not forbid you this tree except that you become angels or become of the immortal.” (Surah A’raf, 20)

The remarkable part of this verse is the word “angel” which is called “malek” in Arabic. Because spelling of “malek” (angel) is the same as spelling of “maleek” (king). They are written with the same letters in the same exact order. But only the pronunciations are slightly different. In Quran, the difference between letters “a” and “e” is shown with some signs called “harekah” which are not letters. The original version of Quran does not contain “harekah” signs. They are added to the text in later times, in order to make it easily readable. Arabs don’t use harekah signs when they are reading and writing. Because they know which vowal letter to speak out while reading, since they know Arabic. Harekah signs are designed only for those who cannot speak Arabic. In this term, when we put together that Satan’s offering kingdom (mulk) to human, and the word “malek” or “maleek”, it sounds interesting. But even if it meant an “angel” instead, there is one thing here for sure, and it is that Satan offers a kingdom (mulk) to Adam according to Surah Ta-Ha 120. And after human accepting the presidency offer from Satan for this kingdom, he is dismissed from the Kingdom of God.

Humans desire for reign. Those who govern always want to have domination as much as possible, over people who are being governed. The stronger governors become, the more they dominate. When we consider that technology is advancing as fast as science fiction movies, we can forecast that how much effective the domination tools will become in the age of information. Are we being drifted towards a kind of dystopia that George Orwell depicted in his novel “1984”, or are we already living in such a nightmare?

We previously mentioned that 1 ounce of gold was fixed to 35 dollars in Bretten Woods in 1944. And today (March 2017) 1 ounce of gold is 1235 dollars. As you can see, dollars lost its purchasing power 35 times. It doesn’t only effect American people but also effects all the world countries whose currency exchange rates are determined in accordance with US dollars. And this brings us to the conclusion that people in the world has been 35 times poorer since the World War II. Now I want to give you two astonishing examples.

I heard the first one when I was watching “Hidden Secrets of Money” documentary of renown economist Mike Maloney. He was showing his father’s payroll sheet of the year 1960. His father worked in a store selling car spare parts and his wage was around 8300 dollars. And then Maloney also showed newspaper ads of houses for sale in Oregon city where they lived, in the same year. The approximate price for an average house was 7600 dollars in those days. So an average American employee in 1960’s was able easily buy an average house with his salary.

So I wondered how the situation was in my own country, Turkey, in those days. And I made a research. Eventually I found a statistic produced in 2002 by Egitimsen (Union of Education and Science Laborers), saying that:

In 1965, a Turkish school teacher could buy 28 pieces of Republican Gold Coins with his or her one month salary[42]. But today he can only buy 3 pieces of these gold coins with one month salary (3100 liras which is nearly 900 dollars). Each of these coins cost about 300 dollars now. So in 1960’s, it was quite possible for a teacher or an average worker in Turkey, to buy an average house with 5-6 month salary, considering the house prices are much cheaper in Turkey than the US.

My example was like a confirmation of Maloney’s example. When I think that the US was maybe 5-6 times richer than Turkey, I can understand that an American could buy a house with his one month salary in those years.

It is evident that slavery conditions getting how worse by time. Every person deserves to have a house. Today, it is almost impossible for a huge majority of people in the world, unless they accept to pay mortgage with being a slave for banks, in the rest of their lives. In a system which is not enslaving people, it is so easy to have a house. Because the value of what you earn would be much higher. If you have to pay for rent because of the slavery system that not allowing you to own a house, the rent you pay makes you more slave for the system.

The following chart clearly shows how the world peoples have lost their wealth and freedom in the last century:

But it is crucial to understand that even being a rich slave is something bad. Because no matter how rich you are, your conditions get worse eventually when you are a slave. It is not about being rich or poor, but it’s all about slavery. Because the masters always trend to exploit more. This is the human nature. The growth of exploitation is always extended over a period of time. Because everyone knows that the shock effect can damage a system. It reminds the boiling frog experiment:

When you throw a frog into the boiling water, it jumps away and escapes from it. But if you put it in a pot filled with cool water and slowly heat it until boiling, then the frog stands still and eventually dies in the boiling water. This is exactly what is being done to the slaves. We glanced at what has been done to the slaves in historical process. Imagine that you live in the conditions of 50 years ago, then suddenly come back today where the minimum wages are around 1300 dollars (equal to 1 ounce of gold) per month with still taxes applied. Most probably the people would revolt and nobody could ease them down and persuade for these conditions.

Now, status of the slaves on earth is just like the frog in the pot being heated. So that the water is about to start boiling and nobody sees this. It is like a deadly sleep. The greatest economic collapse in human history is imminent and people will lose all their savings. The process that follows imminent collapse will be devastating. But in that time, if the human kings/masters are rejected, and a new justice world state is achieved to be founded, everything would be much better.



Tax is extortion which is citizens get forced to pay to their states. Those who don’t pay tax are imprisoned in many countries. For example, if don’t pay income tax, you will be imprisoned in the USA. But there was not such a thing called the “income tax” in there, before the establishment of FED. Since then, this tax started to be applied to the citizens with 1-7% ratio. Today, this ratio is raised up to 39%.

11 countries in the world do not take income tax from their citizens. And they are among the richest countries in the world:

Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Amman, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Bermuda, Bahama Islands, Cayman Islands, Monaco, Hong Kong.[43]

These countries only take taxes for services like health care and social security. But in Cayman Islands there are not even social security taxes, they only apply taxation on importers.

Well, how do they manage to do this? The answer is state enterprises. These countries have high incomes from oil, natural gas or tourism.

We can also see a state enterprise model in Joseph’s story which is in divine books. He was a prophet and also a silo enterprise administrator. That company supplied income for Egypt state and also protected people from starvation.

The natural resources of our planet are enough to supply livelihood for everybody.

It may be understandable that a state to charge some of its services like health care, retirement, transportation, etc. But these public services given by a state should not claim commercial profit like other state enterprises. And a state cannot force its citizens to buy these services either. And also a state cannot monopolize any of these sectors. The only fields that state can monopolize are legislation, execution and jurisdiction, in accordance with checks and balances.

The state administration in an ideal state should be decentralized. In local administrations, the decision mechanisms should come out of elections. The representatives of legislation and execution should be elected by peoples.

Eventually, operation costs of the state can be paid by states enterprises and a new system called “Fine Carat” which we will see in the following pages.

By the way, it is remarkable to see the concept of “House of God” in the divine texts. Because it is also defined as the “house of all nations” in the Bible, in modern terms, an international parliament. The house of the world state…

Prophet Jacob (Israel)[44] had 12 sons. Jesus Christ had 12 apostles. The reflection of this belief in Islamic culture is the 12 imams coming after prophet Muhammad.  A symbolic depiction of one high value and 12 relatively lower values. I have always been curious about this numeric similarity taking place in symbolisms of different cultures. And I had been more curious when I learnt that the amount of silver in the world is 12 times more than gold[45]. Could it be coincidence? This interesting similarity is also referring to the moon’s 12 revolves around the earth while the earth completes its one revolve around the sun. And also people in history estimated the average value gold as 12 times more than silver. In this context, we can surprisingly notice that the sun looks like a gold coin, and the moon looks like a silver coin. 1 sun (or gold) is equal to 12 moons (or silver). For example, the value one gold coin was equal to 12 silver coins in Roman Empire.

Prophet Jacob (father of 12) and Jesus Christ (teacher of 12) are both represented with the sun. Even the dream of Joseph confirms this symbolism. Because Joseph who has 11 brothers (they are 12 brothers including Joseph) saw his father Jacob in his dream as the sun.

One of the 12 apostles of Jesus, betrayed his fellows, according to the Gospel. And one of the 12 sons of Jacob was betrayed by his brothers and thrown him down into a well, according to the Bible and Quran[46].

The above stories give us an interesting result. In the first example, there is 1 out of 12 which is being excluded by the rest; and in the second example, there is 1 out of 12 which excludes the rest. In symbolic terms, there is 1 silver coin with positive value in one hand and 1 silver coin with negative value in the other hand. But the more interesting thing is when we apply this system to an economy model, there comes up a fascinating formula completely preventing the problems of modern economic doctrines, such as inflation, deflation, stagflation, devaluation and so on.



Imagine an economy represented by gold and silver. In this economy, the currency in circulation is backed by gold and silver. And let’s say this currency is called as “Lira” (or it can be something else either, no problem). But for example, let’s say its “lira” and people are able to use liras while shopping. These liras are produced as records, according to the amount of the gold and silver in a decentralized treasury. So 1 lira is equal to 1 silver coin, and 12 liras is equal to 1 gold coin. But when the state records the physical gold and physical silver into the treasury, it records as if they are “10 + (2 out of 10). This means when the state is recording 10 silver coins and 10 gold coins into the treasury, it will record as if there is “10+2 silver coins” (which means 12 liras) and “10+2 gold coins” (which means 120 liras).

And this state says to the citizens that:

“If any of you bring 10 silver coins to the treasury for deposit, then I will create an account for him with the balance of 12 liras. But I have three conditions for this:

First; this balance will be only valid as long as the silver coins are deposited in treasury. If anybody wants to take his silver coins back, he will be able to take them with the same amount of the given deposit. This means he will not be able to use the bonus of extra 2 liras. (In other terms, he will be able withdraw his silver, with minus two liras from his account balance, because the balance was recorded with extra two liras in the first place.)

Second; the account owner will be able to use the two bonus liras, only after the main deposit (which is equal to 10 liras) is fully spent in the market.

Third: One of these two liras will be given to the state, and the other one lira will belong to the account holder.”

In this case, when the person who deposits 10 silver coins, fully spends his money ten times (we will call it ten “rounds”), he will move into profit with the amount of his deposited silver coins; and the state treasury will earn money each time he spends money at the same time.

So, the citizens will be trended to spend money all the time in order to keep the profit sustainable. And this profit is mutual.

After a citizen completes the first round of spending, he can deposit new money in liras which he saved with working in the market. Because now the liras are in circulation among the accounts of trading citizens. But these liras will be recorded in the balances as liras instead of silver coins. By the way, the liras in circulation will not cause inflation within the treasury, instead they will be in circulation among the accounts of trading people.[47]

Any person can deposit gold instead of silver. The same method is applied to gold as well. But nobody is forced to be included in this system. People will be happy to voluntary join the system. Anybody can deposit gold and/or silver as much as he wants; the amount will be recorded with the same ratios.

Each time 10 liras spent, is called one round of spending, and make people win bonus liras. But the bonus liras have to be spent in order to start a new round of spending.

There will not be inflation[48] in this system since the currency is backed by gold and silver. Since this is a global gold standard and not a fiat system, there will not be any other competing currency with lira; so there will not be devaluation[49] either. And stagflation[50] risk will be avoided since the system keeps people always trend to spend money. Velocity will rise in favor of employment, thus there will not be unemployment due to deflation[51].

Now, let’s see how this system works and proof its works correctly:

Let’s say we have an economy consisted of five people. And each of them has 10 silver coins…

The below charts proofs that the system works correctly:

1. Round Amount of
Deposited Silver Coins
Usable Amount
Treasury Share
Given Bonus
Person A 10 12 1 1
Person B 10 12 1 1
Person C 10 12 1 1
Person D 10 12 1 1
Person E 10 12 1 1
TOTAL 50 60 5 5

According to this, the amount of the silver coins in the treasury is 50; and the amount of the currency in circulation is 50+5+5 which means 60 liras.

2. Round Amount of
Deposited Liras
Usable Amount
Treasury Share
Given Bonus
Person A 10 12 1 1
Person B 10 12 1 1
Person C 10 12 1 1
Person D 10 12 1 1
Person E 10 12 1 1
TOTAL 50 60 5 5

The amount of silver coins in the treasury is not changed. Liras with the same amount of silver coins are deposited. The amount of currency in circulation is still 50+5+5 which means 60 liras.

3. Round Amount of
Deposited Liras
Usable Amount
Treasury Share
Given Bonus
Person A 10 12 1 1
Person B 10 12 1 1
Person C 10 12 1 1
Person D 10 12 1 1
Person E 10 12 1 1
TOTAL 50 60 5 5

The amount of silver coins in the treasury is not changed. Liras with the same amount of silver coins are deposited. The amount of currency in circulation is still 50+5+5 which means 60 liras.

No matter how many rounds spending goes on, the system will not break down and the amount of currency in circulation will remain the same. But only in case people bring extra gold and silver to treasury, they will be recorded and the process will continue with the same principles. The state cannot accumulate the bonus liras just like the citizens. It has to spend them for public purposes. Bonus liras are recorded to account of the state conditionally, just like on the citizens’ accounts. Otherwise, the amount of recorded currency would be inflated, and the system wouldn’t work.

Eventually, citizen lends to the state, instead of state giving credit to citizens in this system. And these debts given by citizen are with negative interest. This is the opposite of loans on interest. State barrows money and also earns money too. But while doing this, citizens earn money at the same time as well. What makes it possible is the velocity (speed of currency circulation in the market) trend supplied by the system.

According to Quran (Surah Baqarah 245 and Hadid 11) [52], Allah asks for loan from the people he created. He says “who is it that would lend Allah a fine loan so he will multiply it for him” in both verses. But this is something weird. Everybody who reads these Quranic verses can naturally ask the question “how come God asks for loan from the ones he created?” When I first saw them, I asked the same question too. But there are some interesting details here:

The original Arabic word used in these verses, translated as “loan” is “qarad”. And this word is also defined as “haseneh” which means “fine”. All around the world, 24 karat gold (pure gold without additives) is called “fine gold”. And 999 karat silver is (pure silver without additives) is called “fine silver”. When you add copper into gold with certain ratios, then its fineness changes. 22 karat, 18 karat and 14 karat gold are used in jewelry. But 24 karat gold which is fully pure is used for investment and it is called “fine gold”. The Arabic word “qarat” for the “loan” in Quran is also the root of word credit, in addition to representing pure gold. Are these all just a coincidence?

Due to the reasons explained, we maybe call this new system as “fine carat system”.

When you add copper with the ratio of 1/12 into 24 karat gold (pure gold), then it will become 22 karat gold. In history, economically strong states used 24 carat gold coins but when they got weaker they used 22 karat gold coins too. And they also decreased the fineness of gold coins more as they got weaker. History shows that there are periods that the fineness of gold coins fallen even down to 8 karats.

There is a story told in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 22, which could be related to our topic. Pharisees came to Jesus while he was preaching about the Kingdom of God. They were a Jewish sect and they wanted to trap Jesus. According to their plan; they would ask a question to him: “Is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not?”

If Jesus would say “no”, then Romans would arrest him because of calling people for revolting. If he would say “yes”, then his Jewish listeners would leave him because of advising to pay tax to an idolatry state. This was the plan of Pharisees.

Then they ask this question to Jesus. Jesus replies in a way they did not expect. Jesus says “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? Show me the coin used for paying the tax.”  And then they bring him a denarius. (Gospel of Matthew does not write which metal this coins was made of but Gospel of Thomas, chapter 100 writes that it was a gold coin.) And then Jesus asked them, “Whose image is this, and whose inscription?”

“Caesar’s” they reply. And Jesus speaks out this famous word: “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

Jesus was a smart man. When they realized that they were not able to debate with him, they left away.

Could have Jesus meant that 1 share of 1 gold coin (which is equal to 12 silver coins) should be given to its holder and 1 share to God? Who knows! But the story is interesting.



Every human has his birthrights. They are primarily; food access, shelter access and safety access. These are the basic human rights. And then there comes freedom. The first three is necessary for human survival, and the fourth is for human progress.

– An ideal state provides unemployed people enough food for survival;

– provides shelter for homeless;

– provides security for everyone, regardless whether they are rich or poor. And this is held by justice and law enforcement institutions.

All these services can easily be provided for free of charge when there is not fiat monetary system. If resources of the world are correctly organized, they are quite enough for all the mankind to live in prosperity. The only reason why we cannot find this kind of prosperity in history is the centralization of powers.

In an ideal social order, it is not necessary for all people to be equally wealthy. Someone can be much richer than another one. The correct thing is not the equal income distribution, but it is the fair income distribution. Anybody can prefer to live in as much luxury as possible. The state cannot give instructions to anybody about his life style.

Securing the above mention three birthrights by state, brings freedom.

Because when people reject slavery imposed by more powerful ones, they are afraid of three things: Hunger, homelessness and unfair punishment. As long as those three basic birthrights are secured, nobody will have to do anything he doesn’t want to do. All the work he does will be based on his free will. People make their decisions with calculating the results of their choices. This means freedom. People can live in prosperity or they can refuse working and so prefer being poor. But they know that they are not going to face hunger, homelessness and unfair punishment. By this way, nobody will have to put up with mobbing when he faces inhuman treatment in his work place, and he can easily leave that place. If he is not able to leave his job due to above mentioned psychological obstacles, this makes him a slave. But terminating these unjust conditions with securing the three basic human rights will bring freedom.

There should be hierarchy in order to make both private and public institutions operate sustainably. But this hierarchy will not mean slavery of people, when the above mentioned regulations are completed.

The most important factor supporting freedom is prosperity. When we look at the statistics about freedom of world countries, we can easily see that the level of prosperity in a country is in direct proportion with that countries’ level of free speech. This means, the richer a country is, the more independent its people are; or the poorer a country is, the more oppressed its people are. Press freedom statistics are good examples for it. So, the more centralized the powers are, the more oppressive that center of power becomes. And most effected people from this oppression are always intellectuals. Because scientists, authors, artists and thinkers have potential to effect the rest of the society. So power centers want to control them.

In an ideal society, someone can believe and perform any religion he prefers. He can express his any idea freely. Even though these ideas are against the general acceptances of society, or even found disturbing, regardless they are true or false. Even if they are found ridiculous, they have to be taken as free speech.

Nobody can be punished because of his expressed ideas, beliefs or intellectual claims. Mind is the base for freedom. Because freedom starts in mind (and it also stops there).

The state has to stand on four basic powers:

First of all is jurisdiction, represented by justice institutions.

The second is legislation, represented by parliaments without political parties but with elected and independent representative persons. These persons represent their people, instead of their political parties.

The third is execution, represented by elected ministers.

All of these powers are decentralized/local. Because centralization causes slavery.

And the fourth is media. It is independent from state. But the state can still establish his own media if people want. It is optional.

In an ideal order, civil society plays an important role. They are independent from state. If the state corrupts or head towards unfair works, then the civil society will be like safety belt standing against unfairness.

The administrators of the institutions representing the powers, should be elected. Qualified candidates should be recommended by civil society and elected by people or peoples.



As long as the governmental systems exist to rule over people, there will always be greedy ones who join these systems and rule over people. Administrators of the state are only the administrators of institutions, not of people. And these institutions are responsible to serve people, not ruling them. If people consider the administrators as their masters, then they will eagerly accept that mastership. We can see hundreds of examples in front of us, when we look at the world states.

We have seen that all the divine books we examined here were designed to terminate slavery and loans on positive interest which is an important tool for slavery. The common message of all these scriptures was “there could be no king but God”. And any other masters and all kind of slavery systems called “shirk” were banned. Instead, “unity” was proposed for people.

While Jesus calling to Jews, he quoted from the Old Testament. He did not bring a new religion. Also the verses of Quran which Muhammad was preaching, tells this is not a new religion too:

“He (God) has ordained for you of religion what he (God) enjoined upon Noah and that which we have revealed to you (to Muhammad), and what we enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus; commanding to hold the religion and not be divided therein.” (Quran, Surah Shura, 13)

The idea of “Kingdom of God” was a seed like in the parables of Jesus. It was planted into the depths of History, to become a tree on the day that God promised.

The way of victory will be interestingly doing nothing. Because this is the best way for a slave to resist. Doing nothing! Which means standing still, not to obey, not paying tax, rejecting forced military service and so on. Only standing still in a peaceful way… That’s all the slaves need to do simultaneously. Then in one month, the resolution will start, when the state officers do not receive their pay cheques. And then 10 more days later people will have to compromise on a new free system. Technology allows people to eliminate the enslaving third parties (banks, governments, etc.) while trading. A well designed gold and silver based crypto currency technology makes it possible in theory. One day, masters will be defeated when the enslaved people know the truth, because slaves have the numbers.

The truth will set you free!


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[29] The literal meaning of “Kurf” in Arabic is “veiling the truth”. Cencorship, defomation and manipulation are “kufr”.

[30] This verse is clearly mentioning both the Kingdom in Heaven in the skies and Kingdom of God on earth.

[31] It is evident in this parable that the king is God. And his slaves are his messengers. The firts invited ones are the other slaves owners and dictators. The final guests are peoples of the World. And the wedding banquet is the Kingdom of God set up on earth.

[32] The same expressions are written in Luke 18:24 and Matthew 19:23 too.

[33] We can easily comment the “rich” here as the slave owners. Because it is the most hard for the slave owners to be adapted to a system rejecting slavery.

[34] In this passage of Quran, the same question “What can make you know what is the Day of Recompense?” is being asked twice repeatedly. So apparenly it is being pointed out on something important. Then the next sentences (Infitar, 19) uses the word “maleek” (king) but it is generally translated as “possession” since it is not understood.

[35] Prior to the above mentioned verse in Quran (Infitar, 15), writes that evil will lean on something called gaheem. The meaning of Gaheem is unknown but it is estimated as one of the seven floors of hell. In Quran translations, it is generally written as they will enter in Gaheem but the Arabic text uses the word “yasaleh” (lean on), instead of “dakhaleh” (enter in). Apparently it is not something to enter in. Even if it is something to do with the after life, it can still be related with the branch of “the kingdom of heavens” on the earth too.

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[38] Everybody should have the right to have private property but nobody should be allowed to possess the “state”.

[39] In 1971, during president Richard Nixon rule, the monetary system was changed. According to this, the paper currency would not be backed by gold and silver; instead, it would be backed by the so-called power of U.S. government. It means that the “money” would be created in any amount arbitrary by the government and FED (Federal Reserve) partnership. This incident called Nixon Shock effected other countries and now all the governments in the world create pieces of papers with numbers on them, but no intrinsic value. The first steps of the corruption of monetary system actually started in even older times as we will see.

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According to the research of Egitimsen; wages of teaches were examined from 1923. In this report, a teacher could buy 20 pieces of Republican Gold Coins even in 1923, shortly after the destructive World War I, in the poverty years of Turkeys. But today he can buy only 3 coins. The numbers according to the years in that report:

1923: 20 gold coins, 1946: 12 gold coins (Following WW II), 1960: 18.5 gold coins, 1965: 28.6 gold coins, 1975: 9.2 gold coins (see that a drastic drop starts after the Nixon Shock of 1971), 1980: 1.5 gold coins (the year of military coup in Turkey), 1993: 5.9 gold coins, 1994: 5.4 gold coins, 1995: 5.1 gold coins, 1996: 5.1 gold coins, 1997: 5.2 gold coins, 1998: 7 gold coins, 1999: 6.7 gold coins, 2000: 6.5 gold coins, 2001: 3.5 gold coins (the year of economic crisis in Turkey), 2002: 4.5 gold coins. Now (May 2017) only 3 gold coins.

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[44] Israel is the other name of Jacob according to both Bible and Quran.

[45] Economist Erkan Oz, writes about the gold to silver ratio in his book “The Great Financial Flood”. This ratio is 12/1 in avarage during long periods of history. But today, in the era of the corrupted fiat monetary system, this ratio is dramaticaly manipulated. So, silver has been devaluated and global financial elite is collecting tremendous amount of silver with extremely low prices.

[46] The Bible, Genesis verse 37, writes that Judah, one of the older brothers of Joseph, offered to other brothers to kill Joseph, then throw him into a well. The other brothers decides not to kill Joseph but throw into a well alive. The leading actor of the betrayal to Joseph, is Judah. According to Matthew verse 10, the name of the apostle who betrayed to Jesus, is Judah as well.

[47] This situation is called “velocity”. For example, an economy with the volume of 100 liras, is the same as big as a 50 liras economy which has 2 times faster money circulation in the market, than itself.

[48] Inflation: Increase on prices due to money creation out nothing.

[49] Devaluation: Value loss of a fiat currency campared to another fiat currency.

[50] Stagflation: Economic stillness.

[51] Deflation: Price decrease due to growth of the volume of the economy faster than the volume of the currency in circulation. Deflation causes unemployment.

[52] “Who is it that would lend Allah a fine loan so he may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him you will be returned.” (Surah Baqara, 245) & “Who is it that would lend Allah a fine loan so he will multiply it for him and he will have a noble reward?” (Surah Hadid, 11)